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Multiple Practitioners  Pediatrics-Major healthcare prividers
Assignment-Upgrade current Avaya system with addition of an after hours notification system which eliminated the $800.00 monthly costs of an answer service. This assignment induced  Novacom's building the Novacom designed and engineered Local Area Network LAN) computer network, and a 30% reduction of monthly calling and  Internet. Internet speed was greatly improvement with secondary Internet backup; included SonicWall firewall.
Novacom Telephone Company, Inc.- Clients Being Afforded Implementation and Repair Services.
Historically, since 1981, all new installation have cost reduction and service improvements.
Recent Assignment

Telephone, data networking and cell integration with international connections. 
KFT, division of Kidde, assignment was to link telephone networks in USA, Germany, and United Kingdom. Installed were Avaya systems with Computer Telephone Integration (CTI), cell phone integration, and Fax automation among all sites; paperless FAX. Cost reduction was roughly 30% after the system implement costs.

Consulting Firm-Fixing the competition's problems
Assignment-Repair previous vendor could not fully interface the Avaya  Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) feature. After the reconfiguration of the programs, the CTI was operating.
Transportation Firm-Adding Features to Competitor's Install
Additional Components-with total reconfiguration of the Avaya system which lacked a final initial programming by the competition. Novacom implemented the competition's promise to install a paperless FAX Server with personal desktop faxing that was sold as part of the Avaya system and not operational after several months.
More than a decade of service

For more than ten years, Gibraltar has employed Novacom to build its bank wide voice and data  network. at all branches Cost reduction was roughly 65% after the system implement costs.

Telephone, voice networking
Linking of all sites was the primary assignment. Introduction of Direct Inward dialing (DID), and a FAX server with desktop faxing. Novacom installed an Avaya Small Community Network (SCN) linking six sites. Cost reduction was roughly 35% after the system implement costs.
Telephone, data networks, video, Wi Fi
Best Western Premier properties require top of the line data resources for its business travelers. To do this, Novacom provided an Avaya telephone system, guest service communications, and especially, highest speed Internet for more than 100 guests; Wi Fi. Novacom assignment included video surveillance, and a Microsoft Server network system and deployment.