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Digium D 80  
What is on this page. Novacom recommends Cloud for a 24  month maximum term. Otherwise, elect an onsite Novacom PBX.
Elect Digium for a wide selection of standard features with low cost Computer Telephone Integration (CTI, Unified Messaging). Lowest price point Call Center for telephone intensive telemarketing/customer service applications. Digium, Avaya, Mitel, also other Managed (Hosted or Cloud). 
Digium D62
About Managed  (Hosted or Cloud)
Managed phone systems are offered by Digium, Avaya, and Mitel. All eliminate a small control unit, about the size of a box of donuts. Select Digium, Avaya or Mitel, and a phone model. Novacom Managed prices range from $14.95 to $35.00/phone/month..