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Cell Phones Connect to your Desk Telephones
Network Your cell and desk phones-Usually at no additional costs
Bring Your Own (cell telephone) Device (BYOD)-Seamless connections to your desk telephone. Your personal cell telephone can be seamlessly connected (integrated) with your  office desk telephone; usually at no additional cell costs. This allows your cell telephone to be a part of your business telephone system with many features such as connections to:
        All other desk telephones at your office and other telephones at networked other sites;
        Outside calling with the office number, not the cell, number sent out to the called party;
        Voicemail with voicemail messages to your office voicemail for business calls; and
        Overhead paging

​Affordable Electronic FAX (EFAX)-Better FAX
Get  efficient FAX documents-While reducing the cost of faxing.
Novacom's FAX Server Technology-Paperless, clear images replace fuzzy FAX images.
FAX documents still are in use. The  current FAX document is a fuzzy document with limitd functionality. 
Get Novacom electronic faxes for the price of two FAX lines.

Wi Fi/Headsets/Paging
Increase your Wi Fi on your site. Latest Wi Fi afford: Optimal coverage;Security; and Roaming connectivity. Headseats reduce fatigue, and loud speaker paging is aprovenlaor saving system for location staffers.
Conference Room Telephones-Better performance with on-board recording
Experience a new generation of analog and VoIP conference room telephones. 
360 degree listening and wider range that than the competition. Activate real 
time recording as needed with fast payback Affordable High Definition Video
Avaya's breakthrough "video engine, is the key to more affordable video conferences resources.
Unified Communications (UC)-Link all telephone devices.
Linking desk telephones, home telephones, cell telephone with a single contact  number is UC. You  can remotely control the routing to any and all of these devices. Team this with voicemail to Email and contact manager software, and this rounds out the basic approach. Add video conference and you firm is ready to effectively have communications resources with minimal barriers; called this collaboration.
Wireless solutions-DECT Technology. 
Sennheiser top of the line wireless headsets fully integrate with all Avaya Telephones
Intercom and ceiling/horn speakers integrated with the telephone system. New technology eliminate feedback in larger areas.

Wi Fi, Access Points'  deployment is the key to wireless .
What is on this page.
Often, phone devices offer productivity. Included are: wireless devices and the infrastructure needed for its support, conferencing, and paging systems including Mass Evacuation system for evacuating premises in a fire or other condition