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Since 1981, Novacom has seen dramatic improvement in information management systems. Once separated: telecom and alarm systems with video surveillance are now converged  With the Internet, connecting all devices is now possible. Uniquely, Novacom experience with telecom since 1981 and solid experience with State regulated technologies is now the go to provider for an integrated platform.  Elect Novacom as your single technology vendor.
Technologies Offered
Telephone Systems
New telephone systems are Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Simply connect your computer workstation and  phone to the same outlet and use the desk phone or the cell or both. Work remotely with video collaboration, have contact management, and even integration of Customer Relationship (CRM) manager such as Sales Force,  Elect a Call Center which is the ultimate call management tool for call high volume call handling.. 
Novacom uniquely offers multiple VoIP telephone platforms:
    A remote VoIP, called Hosted, Management, Cloud with basic call features or enhanced features;  or
    A local Server you own with lower cost and greater reliability and call quality; or 
    A combination of both.
​A Team Approach with Novacom Partners
Novacom has decades old partnerships with: Cablevision (Altice), Comcast, Comcast, and Verizon.  
Computer Networking Local (LAN) and Wide Area Networking (WAN) with Internet Security
The once costly Microsoft Server Edition computer networking software that connects all computers to a common resource called a Local Area Network (LAN) is being replaced even by Microsoft in favor of the use of Internet, remote Cloud computing. These Hosted database applications (apps) are now easily remotely deployed eliminating almost all  experts' staff costs. Just let the Host keep your applications up to date.
Novacom's Role
Novacom builds a highly efficient  "highway" with wires, usually referred to as a CAT 6, UTP wire plant, wireless access points, and fiber optics that allows computer workstation  to connect to each other and to the Internet. Uniquely, Novacom goes a step above by interconnecting door,  Access Control and WI Fi, wireless access. Internet security is provide by our s SonicWall firewall and Cisco data switches. We build WI Fi wireless access networks.

​Access Control and Video Surveillance Systems and Networks NJ Mandates licensing for these systems.
Every business should control access to its site; called Access Control. This can be stand alone with connection often needed to building ire detection  systems and/or integrated in the Novacom telephone systems..

Burglar and Fire Detection, and Mass Evacuation Systems
Most commercial structure require a fire detection system. State building , electric, and fire codes regulate the deployment of burglar, fires and Mass Evacuation systems. Novacom will plan and build with ongoing service and inspections of these systems. Your Single Source.