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Administrative Assistant (AA)-Support our customers and our highly motivated technicians.

Novacom's Industry
What is now the state of the art in the information management industry and why our AA is needed.
Organized in 1981, last year Novacom "retooled" its products in the light of the resources available by Internet technology. Formerly,  a top rated telephone  sales and installation firm like Novacom provided telephones with data networking. Now all telephone companies offer (Cloud) telephone systems. Missing in almost all of these telephone companies are related Internet based (called Internet Protocol or IP) products including: video surveillance, burglar/fire detection, Access (door) Control products. Although these IP technologies use the same wires as telephones, expansion to these new IP technologies offerings require a New Jersey Stare license which  takes about five year to earn. Novacom is licensed. Almost all competitors are not licensed, experienced, or trained as is Novacom. Ongoing, the AA will be the coordinator in the customer support and promotion of Novacom's ongoing product IP deployment as our customer service coordinator. Novacom has roughly twenty years experience with these technologies; most others have none. As of now, we have in excess of 1,000 customers on our CRM database. Please see About.

Our AA's Responsibilities
Our AA will coordinate customers and prospects contacts in a timely manner and maintain customer contacts. You will be thoroughly trained to understand the new IP based telephone and computer networks. You will be trained to understand this world of the Internet. The exciting Internet world is constantly changing and an expanding medium and your training will follow. 

Skills Overview
The successful AA will have experience with the Microsoft apps and understand basic economics such as Return on Investment (ROI); ROI understating for the for the most bottom line oriented small business. Never too technical. Always easy to understand with ongoing training. 

Bonus Financial Reward Opportunity
In addition to your salary, you will have the opportunity to easily in your daily activities earn incentive bonuses. Your do this by once Novacom  sells a new system, you are introduced to the customer, and order telephone lines with Verizon and all cable companies; all are Novacom partners. The AA will work with the customer and our well trained technical staff. The AA will visit the new customer and visit  AA's new customer's neighbors to tell their neighbor about their neighbor's good choice. Almost always, the neighbor is offered and accepts a no cost proposal that is welcomed resulting in sales and another happy customer. All businesses like to know what their neighbors are deploying in the changing IP technology upgrades. Novacom has perfected this approach with our unique cost savings approach and proven results. You earn bonuses.

Bottom Line
Lots of one on one training and support in an interesting industry.. Potential for financial rewards.
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