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With hundreds of Novacom installations, elect Avaya (formerly AT&T and Lucent Technologies)  for multiple site connectivity as a single system. Best choice for a longest term with 500+ features. Industry top reliability with Mean Time to Failure (MTF) at 99 years. Best choice for integration of analog Access Control.
Engineered for the staff members who require full mobility telephone (cell phone) functionality, use the Avaya Computer Integration (CTI) Avaya Computer Telephone CIT.
What is on this page. Experience matters. Novacom has install hundreds of VoIP systems. With IP integration of Access Control and multiple site system anywhere the world, applications, Avaya offers outstanding integration.
Formerly AT&T and Lucent Technologies.

For traditional brick and mortar site with few remote users who use their cell phone as their main phone
Reconnects to any existing connection-reuse of existing wires;
Without Internet, you still have a fully operational system that can have backup voice services;
Allows remote workers;
Allows Collaboration;
Apps include Avaya's Power User One X Portal is the Graphic Interface; and
Price points from $12.00 to $20.00;
Qualifies as a Capital expenditure and with a generous IRS tax savings;
Ownership with a lease/purchase after a sixty month lease to own plan
Built for long term, fifteen years and even more, investment with greater user friendly platform and call clarity
​Access Control of doors with door release and intercom in the phone.
Integration with loud speaker paging and Mass Evacuation platform via phones