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Installing and Servicing: Telephone, Data Networks, Burglar /Fire  Detection, Video, and Access Control Since 1981
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We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands and can be delivered to you within 2-3 business days.

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Enter a short description of this product here. Describe this product and available options.
Enter a short description of this product here. Describe this product and available options.
Based on hundreds of Novacom installations, elect Avaya (formerly AT&T and Lucent Technologies)  for multiple site connectivity as a single system. Best choice for a longest term with 500+ features. Industry top reliability with Mean Time to Failure (MTF) at 99 years. Best choice for integration of analog Access Control.
​J 179 Avaya VoIP with GB data connection.
​J 169 Avaya VoIP with GB data connection.
1408 Digital, 1416 Digital, 
​9508 Digital

Recommended telephone-Digital and VoIP (Gigibit Capacity) CAT 6VoIP 
Without sacrificing any features of any VoIP approach often not needed by most busineses, upgrade without rewiring or having to remove existing telephone wiring with upgraded full platform with VoIP
One X Portal is the Graphic Interface
Unified Message-Manages Voicemails
Connectivity to Microsoft Outlook
Link to Powerful Salesforce App
Connect to Video Conference
Remote  Staff Connectivity
Integration to Microsoft Server Voicemail 
Cell Phone Connection
Cell/Desk Phone Simultaneous Ringing
Avaya Computer Telephone (CIT) Offering Levels. Best value is Power User.
What is on this page.
Experience matters. Novacom has install more than 500 Avaya IP Office systems. With IP integration of Access Control and multiple site system anywhere the world, applications, Avaya offers outstanding integration.