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Installing and Servicing: Telephone, Data Networks, Burglar /Fire  Detection, Video, and Access Control Since 1981
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A-IP Ethernet computer control module uses your data network
B-Elect electric strike or magnet lock
C-Elect Auto door opener for door or gates
D-Optional a buzzer for annunciating door is opening
G-Optional ADA compliance for door release
H-Optional Door contract for interface to burglar detection
I-Optional emergency annunciator sounder.
J-Optional Doorbell 
​R1-Elect inside  reader pair to Outside reader-see media
R2-Outside reader paired to inside reader-see media*
Bio Reader-Finger  Print or Iris
Basics of Door Control-Build your IP based door access connections-Novacom's five step program.
Your Novacom Access Control is based on Internet Protocol (IP) . This IP approach is the same that you connect: computers, Servers, printers, video, burglar/fire detection, and Access Control.; your single platform.  
Reports and User Changes
Access Data on Local Computer and Cell phone
Step 1-Determine that data switching  resources of your current network complies to current standards or needs upgrade.
Step 2-Determine the type of door devices needed.
Step 3-Determine media and quantiy. Elect: cards, key fobs, Bio readers, cell door release, and control in and out or single direction, 
Step 4-Determine if video camera is integrated with door control. Cameras will synchronize with Access Control. Any door event, door open,  is recorded simultaneously with the video image. Simply, view the Access Control event and the video image is synchronized
Step 5-Manage your staff member's access, date and time of day permissions via onsite computer or cell phone.
Elect "Smart Door Knobs".
Elect cell phone access to view visitors and remotely release doors.