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Novacom-Dedicated to a team approach with cross training..
Are you looking for an exciting career in the telecom and Internet systems?  Interested in the latest  Internet Protocol (IP) technology?
At Novacom Telephone Company, Inc., one person can make a big impact. We take the smartest and most passionate team-oriented people we can find and offer an environment where they can thrive. We value customer service, teamwork, learning, and having fun.
Thanks for your interest in joining our team. Since 1981, we are a solutions-based hardware and service provider
If interested in our opportunities, please call Peter Milano, President, 908-428-1130,

Organized in 1981, last year Novacom "retooled" its products in the light of the resources available by Internet technology call IP. Formerly, all top rated telephone sales and installation firms like Novacom provided telephones with data networking. Other firms provided burglar/fire detection, Access Control, and video surveillance;  all are strictly regulated by New Jersey laws and require licenses. Almost all of hundreds of phone companies are not so licensed. 
At present, telephone companies offer (IP Cloud) telephone systems. Missing in almost all of these telephone companies are  IP security, video, Access Control systems because in New Jersey State the State regulates: video surveillance, burglar/fire detection, Access (door) Control products; almost always these regulated systems are not sold by telephone companies. Even though these IP technologies use the same wires as telephones, expansion to these new IP technologies offerings require New Jersey Stare licenses. It takes about five years to earn these licenses. Novacom is licensed. 
Open-Field Technician-Part Time with path to Full Time
Your experience in the world of computers, data and networking, telecom and burglar/fire system is needed., 
A minimum of two years hands on experience affiliated with a New Jersey licensed firm is preferred and not necessary.  
We install and service Avaya and Mitel systems. 
Your experience should include wiring to industry standards, and connection of data circuits with test metering. 

Full Time/Part Time Technician
In the field, support our hundreds of customers. Hands-on training is always offered and certification programs are company paid.
Hands-on training is always offered and certification programs are company paid.Hands-on training is always offered and certification programs are company paid.
Hands-on training is always offered and certification programs are company paid.
For the first time, you may be exposed to installing a full suite of technology; rare in this market space. 
Know data networking, telecom, Internet security, video, fire/burglar detection.

Career Path
Technical services management or product specialist.
Open-Sales with substantial training and management support. Commissions with draw against commissions
Sales of high ticket systems most often required and needed by all businesses.
With generous leads, our sales representative will:
    Follow up with our proven ready to buy leads; 
    Find new prospects;
    Close new business sales:
    Derive future business form your sale-usually we  see added revenues averaging 25% in the future-annuities;
    Promote Novacom's unique product IP offerings; and
    Learn Novacom's one vendor approach with a wide variety of IP skills proven in years of deployment. Novacom has more than thirty years experience     with these technologies. 
Skills/ Bonus Program Overview
The successful sales rep will have experience with the Microsoft apps and understand basic economics such as Return on Investment (ROI); ROI and Cost of Ownership (COO) understanding a bottom line oriented small business. Never too technical, and always easy to understand with ongoing training. 
Career Path
The "life blood" of every business is sales. Part of your responsibility is a sale orientation. As such, you will derive bonuses for any sales that you initiate. You may elect to focus on sales management in the future.