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Installing and Servicing: Telephone, Data Networks, Burglar /Fire  Detection, Video, and Access Control Since 1981
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Wireless Phones
DECT wireless systems connect to PBX systems like Avaya PBX.
Key to staff productivity.
PBX analog Door Box
Connect the door box to the Avaya PBX with control of a door remotely. Release door with a phone with audio between phone and door box for visitor screening. Elect:
    All call,
    Call one phone;
    Call any phone offsite.
Work Remotely
Connecting remote staffers via the PBX and the Internet.
Paging systems
Have ceiling and paging speakers, and onsite. Indoor and outdoor speakers. Set up paging areas (zones), and have one way and two way (called talk back) speakers. 

Comply with codes for mass evacuation by a mass evacuation system to facilitate mass exiting for emergency situations such as fires.