Installing and Servicing: Telephone, Data Networks, Burglar /Fire  Detection, Video, and Access Control Since 1981
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(Deploy a vast area of video technologies all linked to remote cell connections
​Novacom Builds: Burglar Detection, Video Surveillance and Access Control Systems
Internet Protocol (IP) Networking with Data Optimization & Internet Security-Connection of Technologies
Elect Fiber Optics to Link Large Space for Highest Speed Data
Improve Wi Fi Coverage With Security. Wi Fi on site can be optimized with highest speed and Internet security. We of this component optimization and SonicWall firewalls with ongoing real time support to manage viruses, Trojan virus, spam and other threats.
Let Novacom make your data switch your new onsite hub for technology. Manage Resources.
Novacom Offers Data Site Reorganization with Performance Improvements.
Improve Internet Performance with Cost Effective Backup. Novacom partners offer shared and dedicated Intenet and line service. Novacom selects the best provider: AT&T, Cablevision (Altice), Comcast, Spectrum, Verizon and CLECs
Using Novacom's VoIP, connect remote staff workstation, servers, and cell phones.Printers.
Build/Rebuild Your Computer Main Site-Proven performance improvement usually at no additional costs.
Deploy Technology-Reduce cost with Novacom partners' offerings-​-Proven cost savings

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Burglar/Fire Detection, Video Surveillance,  and Access Control Systems. All Vendors Must Be Licensed.
New Jersey License: 34BX00020500/34FX00001700

(Manage door access locally and via cell connections. Determine access to your premises based on staff member privileges. Have a vast array of reports real time and off line.;