Novacom Telephone Company, Inc.
Installing and Servicing Telephone and Data Networks Since 1981
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Business Phones-Voice Over Internet (VoIP)Technology with Related Technologies-Your Single Source for Technology.
​Novacom Builds: Burglar Detection, Video Surveillance and Access Control Systems
AT&T and Lucent Technologies are now Avaya
Phones with Color Display, and Fast GB (CAT6)  Data Connections. Elect VoIP or Digital. Save cost of wire removal with Avaya.
Internet Protocol (IP) Networking with Data Optimization & Internet Security-Connection of Technologies
Burglar Detection, Video Surveillance,  and Access Control Systems. All Vendors Must Be Licensed.
New Jersey License: 34BX00020500

Elect Fiber Optics to Link Large Space for Highest Speed Data
Powerful Conference Phones with Live Recording
Connect Wi Fi Coverage and
Optimization with Security.
Make Your Data Switch, Now Used for Computers, Your New Onsite Hub for Technology. Manage Resources.
Burglar Detection with Video & Access Control
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Technology Single Source-Increase Productivity with Focus on Costs.
Novacom Offers Data Site Reorganization with Performance Improvements.
Connect Internet Performance with Improved Security and Cost Effective Backup.
Connect Staff Workstation, Servers, Printers.
Build/Rebuild Your Computer Main Site.