Installing and Servicing: Telephone, Data Networks, Burglar /Fire  Detection, Video, and Access Control Since 1981
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Because of Internet innovation, now is the time for the Multiple Communications Technology (MCT)
Ask Novacom about our implementation technologies' migration to the Internet Protocol (IP) platform. We offer and support top performance, training,  service, and aggressive price acquisition cost; low Total Cost Of Ownership (TCOO).t is 
 Novacom's Internet Protocol (IP) offers integrated systems since 1981. Bundled  IP with world class on site service. All technologies on this page are IP Based. 

*Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Burglar/Fire Detection require licensing by New  Jersey law.Burg/Fire licenses: 34BX00020500, 34FX00001700, Permit 171

Time to upgrade and integrate systems.. Great potential to substantially reduce costs.
Beginning of the new Internet and end of an era of phone companies. The new world communications vendors are now the Multiple Communications Technology (MCT). Among area MCTs: Verizon, Cablevision (Altice) Comcast, and Novacom. All offer Internet Protocol (IP) resources  MCT: phones, data networks, Internet, Data Networks, Burglar/fire detection-One Vendor
Cost Always Matters