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Formerly AT&T and Lucent Technologies. Novacom installed more than 600 Avaya's VoIP systems. Avaya is world leader in multiple site systems
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Novacom's unique Communications Optimizations Program (NCOP) is based on our extensive hands-on experience and New Jersey State licensing*. Savings guaranteed,

Novacom's NCOP innovations in communications now incorporates installation and service for:
    Business PBX VoIP telephone systems-up thirty phones in 24 hours;
    Computer workstations and Servers connections
    Ethernet computer wire, CAT6 and CAT6A, and fiber optics installation;
    Internet security appliance, featuring SonicWall deployment;
    Wireless (Called RF) optimization to increase coverage;
     Security* including:
                    Burglar and fire detection* with 24X7 monitoring and cell phone access;
                    Premise access called Access Control* with cell integration, and 
                    Cell integration, called CTI or Unified Messaging, to phones and security with Access Control. 

*All vendors of this technology must be licensed. New Jersey licenses: 34BX00020500, 34FX00001700, Exempt Permit: 171
**Based on 600 NCOP implementations.

Leader in affordable Unified Message/Computer Telephone Integration.
Leader in hospitality phone systems.
Telephone Technology-Recommended Telephone Systems-Top of the Line
Recommended Security Technology-Integrated burglar, fire, Access Control with integrated door intercom. We provide 24X7 UL Certified Central Station monitoring for burglar and fire detection with cell phone links.
Breakthrough technology with burglar, fire, cell, and Access Control. 
Video Surveillance with Cell Integration technology. Offering with highest resolution and clear images.
Integrated control panel, Access Control monitor with reporting, Smart Door Knobs, video intercom with door release, and integrated PBX door box.
Cameras with a wide variety of features with integration to cell phones. Extensive, fast programming with immediate changes. Remote viewing via cell phones. High resolution with cell viewing.
Your Single Source-Increasing Productivity with Focus on Costs Since 1981.