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Installing and Servicing: Telephone, Data Networks, Burglar /Fire  Detection, Video, and Access Control Since 1981
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Recommended Systems: Avaya, Digium, and Mitel based on your applications and needs-Top of the Line.
Elect your phone system based on the industry and application.  Authorized dealer for Avaya, Digium, and Mitel.

IP Video Surveillance
Surveillance with cell integration technology. Offerings with highest resolution and clear images.
Your Single Source-Increasing Productivity with Focus on Costs Since 1981.
Welcome to Novacom's Internet Protocol (IP) World. Offering integrated systems since 1981.

Internet Protocol (IP) uses your computer network for: VoIP (IP) phones, Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) , Call Centers, computers, Wi Fi, burglar/fire detection, video and the latest in Access Control​. One network and many technologies.
Novacom's unique Communications Optimizations Program (NCOP) is based on our extensive hands-on experience and New Jersey State licensing*. Savings guaranteed.Novacom's NCOP innovations in communications now incorporates installation and service for business PBX VoIP telephones-up thirty phones in 24 hours;
IP Computer Networking
Optimize connections to Wide Area Network (WAN) Internet and Local Area Networking (LAN) computers, and deploy data security. Business partner for lines, Internet, Ethernet Circuits. Add the power of a firewall by SonicWall.
Consider a single source for IP Technologies and experience a complete technology integration. 

IP Burglar and fire detection.
Emphasizing wireless and eleimation of costly burglar/fire telephone lines. New Jersey licensed: burglary detection, fire Detection and inspections, Access Control, UL Certified monitoring.
IP Access Control
Deploy the most modern computer based IP Access Control.