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Because of Internet innovation, now is the time for the Multiple Communications Technology (MCT)
Ask Novacom about our implementation technologies' migration to the Internet Protocol (IP) platform. We offer and support top performance, training,  service, and aggressive price acquisition cost; low Total Cost Of Ownership (TCOO). 
 Novacom's Internet Protocol (IP) offers integrated systems since 1981. Bundled  IP with world class on site service. All technologies on this page are IP Based. 

Time to upgrade and integrate systems.. Great potential to substantially reduce costs.
Novacom is a NJ based phone and proven multiple Communications Technology (MCT) provider. Our innovative approach to having our onsite Server that  substantially reduces Could (Hosted or Managed) high costs while offering much greater flexibility. We offer Avaya Cloud.

Novacom along with Verizon, Cablevision (Altice) Comcast now offer Internet Protocol (IP) resources as a single vendor resource to connect onsite our Integrated IP Server which  supports:
    Structured cabling
     Data Networks;
     WI Fi wireless, and 
     Multiple site networks.

For a cost effective upgraded approach Novacom suggests you elect to have multiple technologies deployed and integrated​

Cost Always Matters-Proven Return on Investment Guaranteed.
For best results, use your desk phone at home instead of the inflexible cell phone. Have all features available at your desk at your home
Experts in large systems conversion to the latest 500 plus feature the Avaya VoIP PBX that outperforms and cost far less than  Cloud (Hosted), Internet -based systems.