Installing and Servicing: Telephone, Data Networks, Burglar /Fire  Detection, Video, and Access Control Since 1981
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We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands and can be delivered to you within 2-3 business days.

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Enter a short description of this product here. Describe this product and available options.
​Novacom Builds: Fire/Burglar Detection, Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Mass Evacuation Systems
Keep up with the latest noteworthy recommended/mandated functions including: Fire Carbon Oxide (CO) mandates; elimination of traditional land lines; Mass Evacuation, and others. 
What is on this page. Caution, too many NJ licensed firms allege "protection" of your premises.  Protection is confused with detection. Police and guards offer protection. For fire, protection is sprinklers systems; true life safety.
Experience matters. Along with top deployment of telecom system and networks, IP technologies including burglar, fire and elimination of troublesome copper lines with radio connection to Novacom's Central Station to alert authorities.
For Burglar/Fire Detection, Video Surveillance, video surveillance,  and Access Control Systems. All vendors must be licensed. New Jersey License: 34BX00020500 34FX00001700
Deploy commercial grade burglar/fire detection eliminates costly and unreliable wires with proven wireless devices.
Monitoring 24X7with cell phone integration. Novacom provide 24X7 on site service and mandated annual inspections.
Latest in wireless burgular and fire systems
Connect burglar/ fire detection systems to a Novacom Access Control system for all door openings. 
Deploy Novacom's IP Based Access Control with:
Integrated motion sensors,: and Integration video that is synchronized with access

Most often not deployed and usually State mandated  Mass Evacuation works with fire detection to alert occupants to a smoke, CO, or fire condition. 
Comply with OSHA mandated Federal regulations by installing a mass audio annunciating  for staff emergency premise evacuation. 
Three latest fire detection approaches-Most fire detection systems lack these components and should be upgraded.
Latest Fire Detection-smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide with improved testing.
Low frequency sounders  needed to alert youngsters
to a fire condition.
Mass Evacuation- Most often not installed 
Access Control integrated with burglar/Fire Detection